Lithuania registers 3rd lowest hourly labor costs in EU


In 2015, average hourly labor Lithuania had the third lowest indicator, Latvia is the fourth and Estonia – 10th according to the latest data published by Eurostat. The data exclude agriculture and public administration.

The lowest hourly labor costs were recorded in Bulgaria – EUR 4.1, Romania – EUR 5.0, Lithuania – EUR 6.8 and  Latvia – EUR 7.1. Average hourly labor costs in Estonia reached EUR 10.3, which is the tenth lowest indicator in the EU. Meanwhile, the highest hourly labor costs were registered in Denmark – EUR 41.3, Belgium – EUR 39.1, Sweden – EUR 37.4, and Luxembourg – EUR 36.2.

In 2015, average hourly labor costs in the EU were estimated to be EUR 25.0 in the EU, and EUR 29.5 in the Euro area. Compared with 2014, average hourly labor costs in Lithuania have increased 4,6% since 2015. Meanwhile, the leader in the Baltics is Latvia with the registered a 7,6% increase, while Estonia – 5,1%. The data cover enterprises with ten or more employees.

Sources: and Eurostat

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