Lithuania: When Nature tells its story


Visit Lithuania at any time of the year and see a different country every time. In winter, icicles grow from the rooftops and in summer gardens are drowning in the brightest carpets of flowers. During several months the coldest winter frosts are replaced by hot rays of the sun, and trees flowering in late spring quickly change their garment into the dress of golden leaves. The gift of natural beauty of four seasons not only delights the eye, but also provides different activities.

You will need snow and frost for a real winter

Christmas is not real Christmas without huge puffy snowflakes falling outside the window, and a Snowman with a carrot nose and coal eyes, or if maybe you choose to carve frozen ice of the lake with a skate or toboggan, and flow down the hill faster than the wind. It is winter, covering fields in white and frost decorating tree branches, that captivates Lithuanian guests so much. Fall into a snow bank, enjoy snow angels or fight a snow wisp battle. There is no shortage of winter entertainment in Lithuania, only you have to dress appropriately to keep your ears, feet and nose warm.


Nature wakes up in spring

Opening tree buds, first voices of lark, first grass shoots stemming from above the melting snow  all of which communicate about the coming spring. The nature, liberated from the cold grip of winter, wakes up, and begins a new life – birds return to the forests, awakening animals poke their noses out of the caves after hibernation; bees start humming from one flower to another. In spring, rivers are bubbling, murmuring, liberated from the ice cover, lakes splash on the meadows – it’s time to pull out the kayaks, dive into your first swimming and open a picnic season.


In summer, there is no time to slumber – the action is all around

Nobody is bored in Lithuania during the warmest time of year – the summer. Some are working in the fields, collecting the harvest – vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms abundant with vitamins, others enjoy the good weather and go for holidays – take the sun and good mood, pick up the tents, and travel to lakes, to trips all over the country or just lay on the beaches, sunbathing and swimming and sometimes sleeping all day long under an umbrella, or actively playing beach volleyball. Everyone is trying to escape from the asphalt cities: go to nature, dance in the open air in music festivals, sit in the water of rivers, lakes and the Baltic Sea – trying to use every free moment of the summer for entertainment.


The handsome autumn is full of romance

Summer pleasures are interrupted with rainy autumn. Although gloomy, dark, and depressing – this is without doubt the most romantic time of the year. Trees turn golden, the last flowers finish blooming during the Indian summer and cobwebs start flying around the fields, evenings become longer and everyone is warming up by the fireplace, listening to the soothing rain, knocking at the window. While walking on the yellow red froufrou carpet of leaves people collect boletus – preparing for the winter and then waiting for the most miraculous holiday of the year – Christmas.



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